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owner's manual :)

if you want the Little Bear, write: 
-you may specify the color(s), etc.

when the Little Bear will appear at your mailbox you will fulfill several conditions:

  1. choose name for the Little Bear
  2. make photos of Little Bear in his new environment, to document how he is discovering new world! (photos will be added to the public photo gallery)
  3. photos should tell a story about his new life because each trip is an opportunity to learn something new, please take your Little Bear on a tour, show him your city,  your favorite places and nearest neighborhood. (if you want, write few words)
  4. send your pictures on e-mail (mulinowe.misie@gmail.com)
  5. read the post and pass :)


    it could be the end, ... but the Little Bear will be with you for always, so for sure you will find good places and time to take new pictures and tell new stories...

    because we love posctcards, you can send a postcard from the city where Little Bear lives

    ...and remember!
    when you invite the Little Bear and you make a promise to him that you will show him a piece of the Big World, and you will try to fulfill his dream, and then you do not do it, another Bear in Misiolandia loses his paw or ear, rips his leg or loses an eye. they are also known cases when Little Bear was lost by postman ... so... Dear Guardian think carefully about bear's adoption, because it's not such a simple thing!